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March 14, 2007

Scrying the Secrets of the Future by Cassandra Eason

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Scrying the Secrets of the Future: How to Use Crystal Balls, Fire, Wax, Mirrors, Shadows, And Spirit Guides to Reveal Your Destiny
Cassandra Eason has written dozen of books on the subject of psychic developement and magic, so obviously she should be an expert. When I read the biographical information on her, I assumed that this book would be very in-depth. I also expected that it would be well written and easy to understand. I have been using tarot for divination for decades and hoped to increase that knowledge with other systems. I have tried various forms of candle and dark mirror scrying in the past without much satisfaction. It was my expectation that this book would fill my need for further instruction.

The book has 14 chapters, each one focusing on a different method of scrying such as candles, water, mirrors – both clear and black, clouds and crystal balls. Each chapter discusses what you need for the particular form of divination, what otherworldly powers you might call on to help you (angels, spirit animals, Gods and Goddess, ancestors) and simple working rituals. There is also information on historical data and uses, but no footnotes of any of the source materials.

Ms. Easton has a habit I found distressing of saying the student should do a working in a particular manner only to end her statement with a disclaimer telling the reader to do whatever feels comfortable to them if the method just outlined isn’t to the reader’s liking. She pulls elements from different cultures and Pantheons completely willy-nilly into her discussions, listing so many options that it was often overwhelming.

I found the writing of the book inconsistent in many areas. A chapter would have highly detailed areas, which were quite fascinating, that start to pull the reader in only to meander off on a tangent that was almost mind numbingly dull. I love to read but I am glad I have finally finished this book.

The chapter on tealeaf scrying was very difficult to understand. Directions on which area of the cup meant what in a reading were so poorly written I find it hard to believe anyone would get a working knowledge without other instruction. On the other hand, the chapters on crystal ball and clouds were thoroughly fascinating. If the rest of the book were as helpful as these two chapters, it would be well worth the time and effort to read it and try out the various methods presented.

The final chapter “Scrying with Shadows” appears to be a catchall area where everything that didn’t fit neatly in the previous chapters ended up. There was smoke and steam divination, as well as gemstone scrying. Actual shadow scrying took up less than half the chapter.

There is an appendix with listings of different cultural names for the Fates. Plus there is a listing of useful reading for further study (the author lists 9 of her previous books here) and lastly an index.


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