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February 1, 2007

Energy For Life by Colleen Deatsman

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Energy for Life: Connect with the Source by Colleen Deatsman, a licensed professional counselor and Reiki master, offers up a book full of meditations geared toward reclaiming energy that leaks out of our bodies during the natural course of daily life.

As a person who is falling asleep anytime I sit down for more than a minute, this book was of immediate interest to me. I figured here was something I could add to my morning meditations that would help to energize my body and help me move through my daily activities without running out of juice by 3 pm everyday. I was super excited to discover the companion CD with the books earlier training meditations included with the book. Bonus points, I thought, since I nearly never use meditations out of books because I need to record them to actually do so.

The book is divided into 10 sections; an introduction, eight chapters each building on the lessons from previous ones and an appendix containing a bibliography with headings such as “yoga”, “natural healing” or “shamanism” for readers to explore concepts further.

Both Chapter one and the introduction explain the premise behind the author’s reasoning with the energy work. Meditations are based on the body charkas, so a working knowledge of them is needed to get the most out of each exercise. Chapter one also includes the basic meditation, which is called “Universal Induction” and some instructions on how to best use the book and accompanying CD.

Each meditation lesson builds on the ones found in previous chapters. There are usually several alternatives of each meditation so the reader can pick the one that best suits them and the present situation they find themselves dealing with. Some require no disturbances or outside stimulation, while others are good to use wherever you happen to be as needed.

While I enjoyed the first few chapters and looked forward to finishing the book and using the recorded meditations on the CD, I found that by the middle of the book many of the “new” lessons were repetition of previous meditations with a small change here and there. I kept doggedly at it until I finished the book all the while looking forward to using the 5 meditations on the CD. I even invited my daughter to join me in the meditations.

I tried to listen to the CD in several different CD players finally resorting to the computer even though my studio is not what anyone could consider a good spot for comfortable relaxation and energy work. The CD would not work.

Given the repetitive nature of many of the meditations, plus the fact I couldn’t actually use the CD, I don’t recommend this book for general use. If, on the other hand, you are interested in expanding your library of meditations based on chakra work, this book has plenty to offer.


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