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September 20, 2006

Book Of Doom (Diadem Worlds of Magic – Book 10)

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Book of DoomBook Of Doom by John Peel; Llewellyn Worldwide

Book Ten of Diadem Worlds of Magic got off to a slow and rocky start. Since this was the first time I had read a book from this series, I was at a bit of a loss as to who the good guys and who the bad guys were. I guess the proceeding book left off at a cliffhanger or something, but I’d have to say honestly, if I hadn’t been reviewing this volume, I would have stopped at chapter one. Even the prologue did little to bring me up-to-date on the main characters.

I stuck with it though and by chapter four or five, the action started to pick up. Fans of this series will probably be very happy with the continuation of the storyline, but newcomers most likely will give up in frustration as personalities trade places in the past and present without warning.

In this installment, our heroes are fighting for their lives, against an evil machine-mind and their Arch Enemy, Nantor, who has escaped his prison from a jewel on the Diadem and taken over the body of Pixel. The other heroes are left to defeat the evil machine mind, capture Nantor and restore him into the jewel before the shredding of Magic destroys the universe.

Once the reader gets past the first few chapters, things start picking up in pace and interest. Fans of The Diadem Worlds of Magic series won’t be disappointed, but if you are new to them, get the previous books first or you’ll be lost as to who is who.


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