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November 18, 2005

The Demons of Drey

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The Demons of Drey
by Trish Reynold, Pagan World Press 2005 (Fiction)

When I picked up this book my first thought was “Wait a minute, what happened to Laurel and Mykal?” They are nowhere to be found in book two of the trilogy. Soon I was engrossed in the story and forgot all about them anyway.

In The Demons of Drey, Book II of Seeker’s Quest we pick up the story where we left off. The author introduces us to a whole new cast of characters that the reader quickly start to care deeply about. Some of the characters from Book I are also in evidence and the new and old characters are quickly embroiled in each others’ lives.

Once again, Ms. Reynolds magically transports the reader into a new and beautiful world. We meet a new species. A species of myth and mystery quickly become like old friends. The many layered story plot from the previous book continues to twist and turn in this second book of the series.

Without giving away too many of the surprises in this book, it is hard to tell you all the questions that are answered from Book I. But in the same paragraph the writer answers previous questions, two more are brought to the reader’s attention.

Ms. Reynolds has a masterful way to turn a phrase. The characters are well rounded but still maintain their independence. I certainly hope that all the dangling plot twists are wrapped up in Book III, The Dragons’ Legacy because once again this book ended with the main character in dire straights.


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