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October 18, 2005

The Witch of Dragon Swan

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The Witch of Dragon SwanThe Witch of Dragon Swan by Trish Reynold, Pagan World Press 2005 (Fiction)

The world of The Witch of Dragon Swan is reminiscent of any world created by Marion Zimmer Bradley or Anne McCafferty. Magic and non-human folk populate the pages. Trish Reynolds immediately draws the reader into Laural’s world with the same seamless skill.

Laural has visions of dragons. Dragons are long extinct in Pretava. Laural means to follow her visions to their conclusion and find out their meaning, even if it means leaving her soul mate, Mykal behind. Meanwhile a plot to assassinate the high king has been uncovered.

Mykal follows his beloved Laural on her quest to find the meaning of the dragons of her dream s only to be ensnared unwittingly into what will become a fight of good against evil. He and Laural’s friend, Zyalia, travel into a foreign land to save Laurel from a fate worse than death.

At the court of the High King, intrigue abounds. Who is behind the assassination attempts and mysterious deaths and why? What will happen if the Heir to the Kingdom is as unfit to rule as he appears? Are the long-gone dragons the enemy? Or are they the kingdom’s savoir?

Ms. Reynolds tells a tale with so many interwoven layers, you’ll never want to put down this book. Just when you think you’ve figured out who the bad guys are, another character puts in an appearance or you learn something more about the characters you thought you already knew. Ms. Reynolds weaves a tale of many interwoven layers, including a cliff hanger of an ending that will have you running for the next volume in this trilogy as fast as you can get to the book shop!


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