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September 18, 2005

Pagan Anger Magic

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Positive Transformations from Negative EnergiesPagan Anger Magic: Positive Transformations From Negative Energies
By Tammy Sullivan, Citadel Press, 2005

I am always interested in a new topic. Anger Magic is one I have never seen before. Since I seem to have a lot of my own anger bottled up inside of myself this seemed like a wonderful opportunity to do some work on myself as well as review a new book.

Ms. Sullivan tackles a touchy subject with great finesse. Many people are afraid to admit to anger much less deal with the consequences of out and out rage. Her book talks about recognizing your anger, where it comes from and how to maintain control over it. That is not to say you never ever get angry, but that when you do get angry that you are the one in charge of your actions, not the emotion of anger itself.

The author does spend a lot of time going into the ethics and karma involved in using one’s anger in magical workings. At times it becomes overwhelming and repetitive. Since she states herself that this book isn’t for beginners, I would think the long chapters and continuous reminders about ethics would be less necessary.

I especially liked the chapters that examined various deities and their mythos in relation to the subject matter. Most books shy away from discussing the Dark Gods and Goddesses to such an extent that their full personalities are often portrayed as less than 3 dimensional. This book attempts to give complete profiles on the better-known Dark Ones.

The final section of the book is a collection of spells recipes and rituals from the author’s own Book of Shadows. The section itself is well worth a look at the book.

For the advanced practitioner, this is a good book, but I wouldn’t recommend for anyone new to spell casting. The magic presented in this book requires a lot of focus and years of experience.


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