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June 18, 2004

The Second Circle: Tools for the Advancing Pagan

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The Second CircleThe Second Circle: Tools for the Advancing Pagan
By Venecia C. Rauls, Citadel Press (Kensington Publishing)

You’ve read a lot of books. You have all the basics down. You pick up more books because you are thirsting for more knowledge only to be disappointed by repetition of more basics on how to be a witch. Never fear, there is a book out there that picks up where the ‘Wicca 101’ books stop.

With a gentle yet firm touch, Ms. Rauls takes the beginner beyond the basics into real sufficiency. She shows the novice witch, the one with a basic understanding of the Pagan Path, how to become more proficient at their spirituality. Through her knowledgeable tutorage, a seeker learns that there is more to being a Pagan than owning a few spell books and candles. In fact, the student moves beyond the need for spell books and becomes, in the author’s words, a journeyman or apprentice moving toward mastery.

This book moves the reader past basic principles, building on what you have already learned. It guides the reader into expanding knowledge of the worlds within, without and even beyond. Through a simple four-step process laid out in each chapter, the beginner moves forward by reading, thinking, questioning and finally doing.

There are more places to find spiritual knowledge than the metaphysical section at your local bookstore. Ms. Rauls encourages exploration beyond what you already know into new avenues of study. She states that the occult knowledge really isn’t as hidden as we are lead to believe we just have to learn how to see beyond our assumptions and ingrained behaviors to achieve mastery of our chosen Paths.

I enjoyed this book, but found little of it useful for me personally. I do recommend it for the person who has moved beyond their newbie status and wants more than the basics so many books seem to be reiterating over and over again. This book is a fresh look and really is what it claims to be – tools for the advancing Pagan.


The Sea Queen And The Shore Witch

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The Sea Queen and the Shore WitchThe Sea Queen And The Shore Witch
By Jamie Grandy; Illustrated by Gail M. Nelson (Abzu’s Fountain Press)In this illustrated book for the advanced reader, we meet 10-year-old Katia and follow her on her quest to save her mother from the angry Sea Queen. He mother has been taken by the Sea Queen and has forgotten whom she is, becoming part of the sea in the process.

Katia’s adventures from the time she finds out what has happened to her mother until the moment of truth that is revealed about the long standing feud between the Sea Queen and Katia’s fishing village are a delightful read.

The book will keep an older child interested from start to finish but the illustrations from the award-winning artist seem to be lacking. The book portrays witches in a non-judgmental light but the characters are still fictional and at times farfetched. Typical fairy tale characters grace the pages in this Pagan friendly tale.

The first selection from this new publisher is an outstanding effort. Unfortunately, the book still has some of the hallmarks of being a self-published offering by this writer/illustrator team. I am interested to see what else Abzu’s Fountain Press has in store for the younger Pagans.

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