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May 18, 2003

Circle of Five

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Circle of Five Circle of Five
Dolores Stewart Ricco
Kensington Books Fiction ©2003What a surprisingly delightful book! The book begins with a prologue complete with a gruesome child abduction and murder. After that the story focuses on five completely believable women. Despite their varying ages and backgrounds, the women have been drawn together to form a coven. The women were drawn together because of their overlapping beliefs and needs, and like many of us, a witchy lifestyle just fit.

The magic they practice is completely ‘normal’. Their celebration of ritual and use of spell work could have been practiced by any number of real witches. Of course the book is fiction, so the characters and plots do take twists and turns that can hardly be described as everyday happenings. The reader follows the women through the Wheel of the Year as they use their magic and talents to help create a wetland sanctuary and catch the murderer we were introduced to in the first pages of the book.

I couldn’t put the book down. If you like books in the ‘to catch a crook’ brand, you’ll love this novel. Even if you normally don’t read this type of book, I strongly recommend it. I can’t wait for the sequel Charmed Circle due out in November of this year.


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