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December 18, 2002

Wild Witchcraft

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Wild Witchcraft book review Wild Witchcraft
By Marion Green, Thorsons (Harper Collins Publishers)

There are a great many Wicca 101 books out on the market. This one is by far the best I have ever read. Most books written with a beginner in mind rarely address the deeper issues of being Wiccan or Pagan. They hardly ever delve into the issues surrounding our past or the reasons many of us become and stay witches in the first place.

Ms. Green continues to write a high caliber book with this newest addition to her repertoire. This book goes beyond the basics of spell work found in nearly all beginner books on the market. In fact, spell work takes its rightful place as a minor part of our religion in this book. This book focuses on the reality of magic.

The author helps the beginner explore his or her connection to the Divine with guided meditations and clear concise suggestions on how to become aware of the existence of the Elementals and Divine in our own everyday lives.

This book is chock full of information and suggestions meant to lead a person new to a Pagan path to a better understanding of this Path. It also teaches in a gentle and straightforward manner such things as ethics and manners. Something that is sorely lacking in most Wicca 101 books, and sadly from our daily lives these days.

Even though I am no longer a beginner myself, I will keep this book on my shelves. There are many interesting tidbits of thought and information that reawakened my mind to new avenues to my own connection with the Divine. I especially liked the chapters focusing on the Elementals with their exercises in forming stronger connections to each one.

I highly recommend this book to the newcomer and the more advanced student looking to renew their understanding of the Divine and a magical lifestyle.

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